2018 Technical Symposium Sponsorship

Every year the Radio Club of America holds its all-day Technical Symposium before the evening Annual Awards Banquet.

The Technical Symposium features industry leaders sharing technical information on the latest advancements in the wireless art in antennas, broadcasting, cellular, land mobile radio, military communications, satellites, and many other areas.  Presentations have included fractal antennas, 4G LTE, radar, invisibility cloaks, data casting, TV channel repacking, land mobile trunking, mesh networks, monitoring of radio tower assets, and many many others.

Also each year one or more youths present on some aspect of a wireless endeavor that they have worked on, including pole climbing robots, fractal antennas, home sensor networks, high altitude balloons, and smart phones.

The largely technical audience at the Technical Symposium includes engineers, technicians, and a wide audience who either view the live-streamed presentations, or later view the slides and archived video presentations.

Technical Symposium sponsors will enjoy “marketing persistence” because their sponsorships will be part of both the live presentations and the recordings and slides that are archived for several years.  Unlike publication ads, your marketing message will persist for several years, making it a higher return investment.

Having your company associated with the latest and greatest wireless technologies and presenters is an economical way to promote your company and products.