The Allen B. DuMont Citation

Allen B. Dumont, inventor and entrepreneur, founded Allen B. Dumont Laboratories and developed the modern oscilloscope for the measurement and study of wave forms. He made significant contributions to the development of the cathode ray tube used in television receivers, and manufactured and sold the first practical television set to the public. The Allen B. Dumont Citation was established in 1979 to recognize outstanding work in the field of television electronics.


1979 – Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr., Ph.D
1980 – P. Samuel Christaldi, Pdh.D
1981 – Horace Atwood, Jr
1982 – William Fingerle
1983 – Fred M. Link
1984 – Jack R. Poppele
1985 – John W. Morrisey
1986 – William H. Sayer
1987 – Kenneth A. Hoagland
1988 – William D. Kelly
1989 – Kenneth A. Chittick
1990 – Donald G. Fink
1991 – Loren F. Jones
1992 – William F. Bailey
1993 – Andrew F. Inglis
1994 – William E. Good, Pd. D
1995 – Renville H. McMann, Jr
1999 – William E. Endres
2003 – William E. Glenn

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