The Frank A. Gunther Award

Frank A. Gunther is credited with building the first two-way mobile police radio system and installed the first two-way radio system on an airplane. He built the first FM mobile transmitter for the U.S. military, and he designed and manufactured LORAN transmitters used by the Allies in WWII. Established in 1996, this award recognizes an individual for their dedication to the field of military communications.


1996 – Frank A. Gunther
1998 – Seymour Krevsky, P.E.
1999 – Thomas H. Traynor, P.E.
2001 – Paul M. Gruber
2002 – Kenneth A. Hoagland
2011 – Nicolas Mora Parra
2011 – Felix Vega
2016 – Robert A. Rude, K0RAR

2019 – Robert Strickland