The Jack Poppele Award

Jack Poppele launched radio broadcasting in New Jersey in 1922 by starting radio station WOR for Bamberger’s department store in their basement.  He built the AM transmitter himself.  Jack pioneered the use of directional AM station antennas in leading the effort to create a figure-8 pattern to beam WOR’s signal in New Jersey to New York City and Philadelphia.  In 1935 President Roosevelt threw the switch that inaugurated this new antenna.  His engineering savvy later led him to head engineering for the Mutual Broadcasting System, and he headed the planning and experimentation that resulted in the launch of New York’s first FM station in 1940.  He later pioneered the first portable radio, and stereo broadcasts over AM radio.  He was a director of the Voice of America from 1954 to 1956 during the critical Cold War period.  He also co-founded Tele-Measurements Inc., which today provides A/V services and broadcast console design.  In recognition of his long and varied career, this award, first given in 1989, recognizes individuals who have made important and long-term contributions to the field of radio broadcasting.


1989 – Leonard R. Kahn
1990 – Robert M. Morris
1991 – Frank L. Marx
1992 – George Jacobs, P.E.
1993 – Robert L. Everett, Ph.D
1994 – Capt. John B. Knight
1995 – Carl E. Smith P.E
1997 – Charles A. Higginbotham
2000 – John R. Gambling
2003 – Skitch Henderson
2005 – Gordon B. Bishop
2008 – Barry M. Farber
2009- George Woodard
2011 – John E. Dettra, Jr.
2012 – Andrew Conte
2017 – Robert Hobday, N2EVG