We want to thank those individuals who are dedicated to the Radio Club of America and its goals and are willing to devote their time and energy to serve as Directors of the Club.  These individuals represent a cross section of the wireless industry and truly represent the membership.

David P. BartDirector (2017-18)
Rich BibyDirector (2017-18)
James "Ernie" BlairDirector (2018-19)
Karen J. ClarkDirector (2016-17)
Michael ClarsonDirector (2018-19)
Nathan "Chip" CohenDirector (2017-18)
Paul GilbertDirector (2018-19)
Ray NovakDirector (2018-19)
Mark PallansDirector (2017-18)
Carole J. PerryDirector (2018-19)
Stan ReubensteinDirector (2017-18)
Andrew SeyboldDirector (2017-18)
William WaugamanDirector (2017-18)
Elaine WalshDirector (2018-19)