Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the officers and up to 5 members of the Board of Directors and other members recommended by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.  The current Executive Committee is composed of the following:

Tim J. DuffyPresidenttduffy@dxengineering.com
Carroll L. HollingsworthExecutive Vice Presidentcarrollhollingsworthsr@gmail.com
John FacellaVice Presidentpantherpinesconsulting@gmail.com
Chester "Barney" Scholl, Jr.Vice President/Counselscholl@scholl.org
Ron J. JakubowskiTreasurerk2rj@yahoo.com
Margaret J. LyonsSecretarymargaret.lyons@vcomm-eng.com
David P. BartDirector (2017-18)jbart1964@gmail.com
Ernie BlairDirector (2016-17)eblair@madco911.com
Karen ClarkDirector (2018-19)kjclark33@comcast.net
Nathan "Chip" CohenDirector (2017-18)w1yw@aol.com
Stan ReubensteinDirector (2017-18)wa6rnu@gmail.com
Elaine WalshDirector (2018-19)elaine@ecommint.com