President Emeritus

The Radio Club of America relies on our President to be the top executive officer of the Club.  In this position the President ensures the smooth running of the Club, conducts all the Board and Executive Committee meetings, decides the agenda for those meetings, decides the committees and committee chairs, provides a vision and encourages the adoption of new ideas, programs, partnerships, and other initiatives to grow the Club and provide meaningful benefits to its members.  Additionally the President or her/his designee represents the Club at various significant functions and events.  The Club is highly grateful to the individuals that have devoted their time and effort to this extremely important position.

Steven L. AldingerPresident Emeritus & Fellowstevenlaldinger@aol.com
Gaetano (Tom) AmoscatoPresident Emeritus & Fellow
Sandra BlackPresident Emeritus & Fellowsandy@kd9cue.net
Jack BrennanPresident Emeritus & Fellowjebcel83@gmail.com
Vivian A. CarrPresident Emeritus & Fellowvcarr2299@aol.com
Phillip M. CascianoPresident Emeritus & Fellowphilc@pmcreps.com
Mercy S. ContrerasPresident Emeritus & Fellowmercycontreras@comcast.net
Tim J. DuffyPresident Emeritus & Fellowtduffy@dxengineering.com
Mal GurianPresident Emeritus & Fellowmgurian@tampabay.rr.com
Bruce R. McIntyrePresident Emeritus & Fellowbruce@towerinnovationsinc.com
Stan ReubensteinPresident Emeritus & Fellowstan@auroramkt.com
Anthony "Tony" Sabino, Jr.President Emeritus & Fellowtsabino@regionalcom.com
Raymond C. Trott, P.E.President Emeritus & Fellowray.trott@trottgroup.com
Upcoming Events
all-day APCO
Aug 11 – Aug 14 all-day
Join the RCA Networking Event on Sunday August 11 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Luna Del Sea Bistro 300 W. Pratt Street Baltimore MD 21201 $20/pp, $25/pp at the door. For people staying after[...]
all-day WWV Centennial Celebrations
WWV Centennial Celebrations
Sep 28 – Oct 2 all-day
WWV Centennial Celebrations
The 100th anniversary of time broadcast station WWV will be held on these dates.  Amateur radio operators can contact a special events station set up to commemorate the event.  Educators can use the event as[...]