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Reminder – RCA Awards & Fellows Nominations Due May 22nd!

Nominations are now being accepted for RCA Awards, and for those RCA members who meet the qualifications to be elevated to Fellows status.
AWARDS: The Radio Club of America has a proud heritage of recognizing excellence in the wireless arts in all of its forms. Our Awards page has complete information on all of the categories and the 2020 Nominations Form. Nominations Deadline is May 22, 2020.
FELLOWS: Elevation to the status of Fellow is by nomination for people who have been an RCA member in good standing for the previous five years and whose contributions to the art and science of radio communications, Broadcast, or the Radio Club of America are deemed outstanding by the Club. Nominations for Fellow must be submitted in writing by Club members in good standing to the Committee and must be supported in writing by at least two members in good standing. The 2020 Fellows Nomination form is linked HERE. Fellows Nominations Deadline is May 22, 2020.

GTWCA and RCA Announce Collaborative Agreement

The Government Technology and Wireless Communications Association (GTWCA) and RCA have announced an agreement to jointly collaborate on efforts to improve the educational opportunities for the wireless industry.  See the press release HERE.

RCA Radio Amateurs: Spring QSO Party 16 & 17 May starting 1600 UTC

W2RCA and the Radio Club of America invite all members and fellow radio amateurs to join in our  Spring QSO party.

An SSB-only event, the objective is for members to meet and QSO fellow members, and for budding members to meet  the RCA on-the-air.

We will do two ‘sprints’, one on 20M, the other on 40M and 80M. A certificate will be issued to the RCA member with the greatest number of combined 20M/40M/80M QSO’s ,and  to a non-member for working the greatest number of RCA members. A special bonus is given for working W2RCA, of 10 equivalent QSO’s. W2RCA will be on the air and looking for you!    

We encourage everyone to go a bit beyond the usual contest exchange, and have fun rag chewing a bit.

W2RCA will issue special QSL’s to all who participate and we are looking forward to working you.

The specifics:

TIME: ( May 16 2020 )  1600- 1800 UTC  20M SSB; suggest 14.280-14.300 NOTE OVERLAP WITH HAMVENTION QSO PARTY—ENJOY BOTH!

2200-2359 UTC  40M phone; suggest 7.240-7.260

0000-0200 UTC (May 17 2020) 80(75)M Fone: Suggest 3.800-3.840


EXCHANGE: Signal report and member year (first in RCA); signal report and QSO number for non-members

LOGS:  A sample log form on Excel can be found HERE.   Email the filled out RCA log form to W1YW@aol.com if you wish to be considered for a potential winning certificate.  Please submit the RCA log form by 15 June 2020.


More info? Contact Chip W1YW  at W1YW@aol.com

Training & Education Links on RCA’s Website

As a reminder, we periodically add material to the Training section (see tab at the top of any page).  Now with many members at home, it can be a great time to improve your wireless knowledge.   Almost all of the featured links provide free tutorials and white papers, and are from respected leaders in the industry.

Also for youth, girls, and women, links are added on a regular basis to the Wireless Women section (another tab at the top of any page, right next to the Training tab).   Here you will find lists of books, articles, Websites, etc. of interest to these groups.  The material is often wireless oriented, but also includes a lot of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects.

Newly added material is marked with a New next to the entry.

RCA hopes you will find this information useful in your career!

RCA Breakfast at IWCE 2020 is August 27th

The RCA breakfast will be held on Thursday  August 27th, from 8-10 AM, in room S227.

Buy your ticket ahead of time HERE at $20 per person, or $25 at the door.


Updated RCA Membership List

The RCA Membership List has been updated and is available to members by signing in to the “Members Only” section.   We have included places of work, emails, city and state, and amateur radio call signs to facilitate virtual networking among members.

If you discover any errors or omissions please notify our Executive Secretary amy@radioclubofamerica.org.


Dayton 2020 Hamvention Cancelled

The Dayton 2020 Hamvention has been cancelled.  RCA attends this event with a booth, and Director Carole Perry has her Youth Forum, and in addition we were planning a lunch meeting on Saturday of RCA members.  All these events are now cancelled until next year.

For more information from the Dayton Hamvention Committee, click HERE.

NATE (RCA Partner) Helicopter Lifting Video

Many of the TV stations across the U.S. are undergoing a major change in the “repacking” of their TV channel frequencies.  This is necessitating changing the broadcast antennas because the new frequencies are different enough that the old antennas will not radiate efficiently.  You can find more information about repacking HERE.

RCA’s partner NATE (the National Assoc. of Tower Erectors) has just issued a video showing how much time and effort can be saved by using helicopters to do this work.  You can view the video HERE.

Call for Abstracts for 2020 Technical Symposium

Call for Abstracts, RCA’s 2020 Technical Symposium in Pittsburgh


The Radio Club of America is soliciting abstracts for presentations for its 2020 Technical Symposium.

We welcome abstracts on all wireless subjects including antennas, broadband, broadcasting, cellular communications, land mobile radio, manufacturing, military communications, satellites, and other wireless-related topics.

However, because this year RCA will help Pittsburgh station KDKA celebrate their 100th anniversary of commercial broadcasting in the U.S., we are especially interested in presentations about broadcast technology.

If you are interested in being considered, please submit the following to amy@radioclubofamerica.org, prior to May 28th:

  • A title for the presentation
  • 1 or 2 paragraph abstract summarizing what you intend to present on
  • A short biography of the presenter(s)
  • A medium resolution headshot of the presenter(s)

In June the abstracts will be reviewed and you will be notified if you are chosen to present.

Presentation slide decks are hosted on the RCA Website for several years, and the presentations are videoed and archived for the public to view for several years as well.   Past presenters have referred prospective business clients and others to their archived presentations.

Prospective presenters should understand that as a non-profit, RCA cannot pay for any travel expenses.  Presenters will receive free entrance to the Technical Symposium and as a presenter will be entitled to a breakfast and lunch at no cost.

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