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“Apollo 11” Dues Discount Offer- EXTENDED TO AUGUST 31st!

RCA is offering, for a limited time –NOW EXTENDED TO AUGUST 31, 2019, two incentives for existing members who are renewing, or new members, if they opt for the three year membership, OR a life membership:   1) a lowered dues rate on the 3 year membership, and 2) the opportunity to download a historic RCA recording.  (Note:  existing Life Members will be given the opportunity to also download the recording.) Those interested in taking advantage of the limited time offer for three year memberships should click HERE.

Those take a 3 year or Life membership will be given an opportunity to download, at no cost, a unique historical moment in wireless history – an approximately 40 minute recording at the 50th anniversary of the Radio Club in 1959, with the voices of several of the Club’s leading members, including Major Edwin Armstrong, inventor of FM and the superhetrodyne receiver.  Information on downloading of the recording will be provided to those that qualify by the RCA Executive Secretary.

For more information on the recording.

To facilitate this, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landings, for a limited time NOW EXTENDED TO AUGUST 31, 2019, RCA is reducing the rates on 3 year memberships:

Membership Level Current 3 Year Dues Special Limited “Apollo 11” Offer 3 Year Dues
Regular Member $225 + $50 initiation if new member $150, no initiation fee if new member
65 or over Member $100 + $25 initiation if new member $100, no initiation fee if new member
Military (active or retired) $178 + $25 initiation if new member $150, no initiation fee if new member
Disabled Vet (>40%) $144 + $25 initiation if new member $130, no initiation fee if new member

A short index to the recording

(NOTE:  This recording is the property of the Radio Club of America and its contents are copyrighted, and no reproduction, distribution, publishing, broadcast, or sale of this recording is allowed without written permission from RCA.)


Nominations for RCA Awards and Fellows Extended to July 15th!

The RCA Board has decided to extend the deadline for members to submit nominations for awards or Fellows until July 15th.  Please consider if you know someone in the wireless industry, or another member, that would be deserving of these honors.

In nominating someone, please ensure that you provide sufficient detail for the committee to review the nomination properly.  Note the requirements for the various awards and for a Fellow nomination and ensure that you address them in your submission.

The list of awards can be found HERE.  The awards nomination form can be found HERE.  The Fellow nomination form can be found HERE.

Congratulations to RCA Member Dr. Nathaniel Frissell

RCA member Dr. Nathaniel Frissell, radio amateur call sign W2NAF, was named as the Dayton Hamvention’s 2019 “Amateur of the Year”. This award is given to a ham that has made a long-term commitment to the advancement of amateur radio.  This individual will have a history of ham radio contributions and has had a dedication to service, professionalism and the advancement of the avocation of amateur radio.

Dr. Frissell is a researcher at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and last year made a presentation at the RCA Technical Symposium on his work on the impact of the August 2017 solar eclipse on radio propagation (his presentation can be found on the RCA Website).  Press releases can be found HERE and HERE.

RCA is no stranger to this award!  RCA’s Director Carole Perry also received the Dayton Hamvention Amateur of the Year award in 1987.  The picture below is of both RCA members who have received the award, at the 2019 Dayton Hamvention:

Warriors4Wireless and RCA Announce New Partnership

Warriors4Wireless, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping returning military veterans find careers in the wireless industry, and RCA have agreed to a partnership.

Read the press release HERE.

Welcome Motorola Solutions as a New 3 Year Corporate Sustaining Sponsor

Motorola Solutions has just begun a three year Corporate Sustaining Sponsorship of RCA!

These three year sponsorships allow RCA to continue its efforts in the wireless industry to attract youth, young people, and women to wireless careers, continue our efforts in wireless education, and promote the many other RCA programs.

Motorola Solutions is a world leader in public safety and public service wireless communications.

WWV Centennial Celebration

The 100th anniversary of time broadcast station WWV will be held between 28 September and 2 October 2019.  Amateur radio operators can contact a special events station set up to commemorate the event.  Educators can use the event as a teachable opportunity to present the science and physics of the station, and to participate via school amateur radio stations contacting the Ft. Collins amateur radio station.  Further information can be found at the Website www.wwv100.com.

RCA members may wish to partner with local middle or high schools, or scout groups, to help their local youth participate in the event.

Call for Abstracts for 2019 Technical Symposium

RCA is looking for presenters for its 2019 Technical Symposium, to be held at the Westin Hotel in New York City on Saturday November 23rd.

For further information please click HERE.

Young Professionals Awards at IWCE

For the second year in a row, IWCE and RCA have jointly chosen a group of 15 young wireless professionals (under the age of 35).  They were chosen for “executing some of our industry’s most innovative ideas, showing creativity and initiative.”  Their names were announced at the IWCE tradeshow in March.  All of the young professionals receive a one year membership in RCA, thanks to the IWCE show management.

The press release with all the names is HERE.


Hamcation Starts New Award in Honor of RCA Director Carole Perry

RCA Director Carole Perry has been leading RCA’s Youth Initiative for over 30 years.   Carole’s mission is to get middle and high school aged youth interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) using the vehicle of amateur radio.

Each year Carole attends numerous youth and amateur radio events all over the U.S., and even overseas.  One of the events she has been attending is the “Hamcation” event in Orlando Florida, and this year they decided to start a new legacy award in honor of Carole.  Carole was the first recipient of it:  The Carole Perry Educator of the Year Award!  Each year going forward an educator will be chosen to receive this new award, based on their promoting the use of amateur radio among youth.

Congratulations to Carole for her pioneering work in introducing youth to STEM subjects in school!!

Here is the RCA Press Release on Carole’s award

Here is a link to the ARRL Facebook’s mention of this event



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