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Wireless continues to be a rapidly evolving industry with new advances almost daily.

It’s vital for those that are trying to start a career in wireless, or to advance their present wireless careers, to continue their education.   RCA is committed to helping its members and the wireless industry continually improve their wireless knowledge.

Our annual Technical Symposium has provided top industry speakers presenting on leading edge topics in wireless for many years.  Some of the more recent presentation slide decks are archived on our Website.  Lately (thanks to our sponsor Icom) we have been videoing those presentations.  More information on our past Technical Symposiums can be found here.

Those requiring CEUs for professional engineering licenses or similar, can obtain CEUs if they attend our Technical Symposium in person, and complete an application with a nominal payment to our education partner who issues the CEU certificate.  More information on this is provided at the Symposium.

We are working on a number of new endeavors to provide wireless education and training.  In the meantime here are several sources of wireless education:

DISCLAIMER:  RCA has not examined or vetted any of the below resources, companies, or institutions, and RCA does not warrant their suitability or accuracy for any purpose, nor does RCA assume any liability for their use by RCA members or the public.

[NOTE ON COST:  some resources are free, and are so denoted if known.  Others involve payment and are denoted ($) ].

Acronyms and Terms (courtesy of NPSTC)

Anritsu Training

Bird Technologies Training

Certifications in Electronics, Communications via RCA’s Partner ETA

Commscope Infrastructure Academy Training

(NEW!)  Connected Cities Tour of Webinars on 4G, 5G, Public Safety Communications, in-building connectivity, etc.  (NOTE:  This is not an https secured site)

dB Spectra TechBook Series (antennas, IM, PIM, etc.)

(NEW!) Electronics Notes Reference on many basics of electronics and RF, good for beginners

Free Industry Tutorials (per IEEE Communications Society)

Freedom.com (RF service monitor)

(NEW!)  ‘Fundamentals of Wireless’ by Prof. David Tse, 7 sessions, 9 hours total, from 2006.  Univ. of California San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering.  (Appears to be free but delayed download.)

iBwave Training Courses ($) (in-building DAS coverage prediction)


(NEW!)  IEEE ‘5G Network Communications’ ($) created with Nokia

IEEE Communications Society ($) (Note:  RCA members can become members of IEEE Comsoc at discounted rates, and take the Comsoc courses at Comsoc member rates.   Go to the Partners page for more details):

(NEW!) Keysight Technologies 5G Resource Library

(NEW!) Keysight Technologies Keysight University, a series of free online courses on RF measurements, oscilloscope probes, signal integrity measurement, power supplies, and other topics.

(NEW!)  Keysight Technologies 6 hour on demand Back to RF Basics course  This is designed for engineers and technicians new to wireless, or recent engineer graduates entering wireless.

(NEW!)  Keysight Technologies free 5G poster on the 7 things you need to know on the details of 5G New Radio implementation.

(NEW!)  LTE Encyclopedia with a lot of technical information including RF site design

(NEW!)  ProTrain ($) ‘Wireless Networking Fundamentals’ on line or in person

(NEW!)  RCR Wireless Fundamentals

RF Globalnet (tutorials & whitepapers)

Rohde & Schwarz Training

Sinclair Technologies (filters, duplexers, etc.)

Solid Training and Certification (DAS)

Tonex Training Courses ($) (IT, RF, 5G, Satellite, Wireless, other)

(NEW!)  Udemy wireless training courses (many) ($), including 4G LTE/LTE Advanced, Antennas for Wireless, Wireless Security, 5G & Wireless for Beginners, 5G to 2G Cellular, Wireless Networking Fundamentals, many more.  Courses range from 2.5 hours to over 7 hours, and prices from $50 and up.

(NEW!) White Papers and Tutorials 

(NEW!)  ‘Wireless Basics’  (free) from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.  Slides on some wireless basics but then a lot more information on propagation theory.

(NEW!) Wireless Communications  This is a site hosted by Jean Paul Linnartz with many subsections accessed with hyperlinks, teaching the basis of RF (such as Rayleigh fading) with a cellular telephone industry orientation.   For someone wanting a quick introduction into RF basics it will be useful, but the cellular technologies mentioned have not been updated recently.

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