2017 Candidate Information

All candidates for 2017/2018 leadership positions have been invited to provide a bio and position statement. Current RCA members have the opportunity to vote online or via paper ballot. Please contact the RCA office at (952) 928-4651 or info@radioclubofamerica.org with questions.

President – Timothy J. Duffy, K3LR (M1999, F2010)
Executive Vice President – Carroll L. Hollingsworth, Sr., K5CTT (M1989, F1999)

Elected officers serve for a term of one year.






Vice President – John Facella, P.E., K9FJ (M1987, F2009)
John Facella, P.E., C.Eng., K9FJ, is a Principal at Panther Pines Consulting, LLC, specializing in public safety communications consulting, and general management consulting. He won a science fair prize in the 3rd grade for a crystal radio he built, and has been in wireless ever since, including over 30 years in public safety radio with Motorola, Harris, and a national consulting company. He has also held general management positions in a number of high tech startup companies. Mr. Facella has been a frequent presenter at wireless industry trade shows, and written numerous articles. He has been a member of many organizations, and currently serves on the NPSTC Broadband EMS Working Group, and the National Fire Protection Association 1221 and 1802 committees. He has a BSEE from Georgia Tech, and an MBA in marketing. Mr. Facella served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps as a platoon leader. He is a life member of the IEEE; is a Fellow, Life Member, and Director of the RCA, and won the RCA President’s award in 2014; and is also a life member of the ARRL, QCWA, and AWA. He is also a part-time fire fighter and EMT.

Position statement:
RCA, like many other organizations, is at a crossroads with changing demographics and a rapidly evolving industry. We need innovative thinking to provide more value to our members and to the wireless industry. I have:

  1. Passion and Energy: I care deeply about RCA; I had two uncles who were Fellows and officers in the early days of wireless
  2. Time: I am semi-retired so I have the time, yet still have many industry connections
  3. Board Experience: As a director, VP, or CEO of multiple high tech companies
  4. Actionable ideas that make a difference: I’ve actioned several things to make RCA better:
    A.    Started the RCA Partnership program which increases value to our members
    B.    Chair of the Website Committee and initiated made many improvements to the site
    C.    Working on a new program of wireless Webinar training for members
    D.    Chair of the Technical Symposium – we have increased the technical content and variety from industry leaders
    E.    Suggested a number of changes to the Bylaws, which are being reviewed, to ensure a smoother running of the Club by our leaders in the future.

I would welcome your vote as your next RCA Vice President.

Vice President/Counsel – Chester “Barney” Scholl, Jr. (M2016)
Chester B. Scholl, Jr. graduated from the University of Miami BSSA Dickinson School of Law JD, 1974. He is a partner in the law firm of Fruit, Dill, Goodwin and Scholl. He held a First Class Radio Telephone license and holds an Extra class amateur radio license and has been licensed since 1963. He is a life member of ARRL, and helps other amateurs with zoning and other related legal issues in his role as Volunteer Counsel through the ARRL, and is a Volunteer Examiner for amateur radio testing. He teaches Amateur Radio and law classes and presented at the Legal forum at the Dayton Ohio Hamvention. He helped his local Emergency Services Council plan for county radio system. He has been solicitor, board member and officer for a number of charitable organizations. He has represented a local cellular carrier in land acquisition and general matters. He is a member of the City of Hermitage Planning Commission and solicitor for township and Zoning Hearing Boards. He is a Trustee and past president of Mercer County Bar Association. He has been admitted to practice before Pennsylvania courts and the U. S Supreme Court.


Secretary – Margaret J. Lyons, P.E. (M1998, F2003)
Current Club Secretary since 2009. Currently Director of RF Engineering at V-COMM LLC (Cranbury, N.J.). Various positions with RCC since 7/86; PE-NJ, NY, PA, CT, DE, VA ; BSCEE, Purdue U (West Lafayette IN) 86; Member, IEEE 1988/present; Member SWE 1984/present, SWE Fellow 2006, Nat’l Board of Directors, SWE 1993/95; Pres., SWE, NJ Section 1990/91; Member, APCO 97/present.

Position statement: I am honored to accept the nomination to serve another term as Secretary for the Radio Club of America. My primary motivation for executive level involvement is that the Radio Club best captures, honors and encourages what I have most enjoyed working as an RF engineer: the variety of opportunities and aspects of working in radio as well as the overall one-family atmosphere of the radio community. I would like to direct my enthusiasm for this community toward an outlet where I can make a difference.


Treasurer – Ronald J. Jakubowski, K2RJ (M1987, F1993)
Ron has served as the Radio Club Treasurer since 2011 and serves on the Executive Committee. His past club accomplishments have been the digitizing all of the available Proceedings and Yearbooks in the archives of RCA and publishing them on a DVD for the Centennial celebration. He also organized the Amateur Radio Special Event Station activity to be held in conjunction with the Centennial, and is did the same for the Awards Banquet several years ago in Texas. He served as chair of the original Website Committee. Ron is retired from the position of Chief Engineer – RF Systems at Bird Technologies, TX RX Systems where he assisted Public Safety customers with major performance issues and also served on the TR-8 land mobile technical committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) as chair of TR- 8.11, Antenna Systems and vice-chair of TR-8.18, Systems Compatibility. He relocated to Florida and now works part-time for Bird as a Senior Consultant.

Position statement: As a member of the RCA Board of Directors and Treasurer, I have been proud to support and facilitate and will continue to promote more membership participation in club activities by occasionally moving the annual banquet out of the NYC area and, especially,  getting more young people interested in radio and its history.  I succeeded in helping to push the new relationship we now have with the Antique Wireless Association.  I would like to see us do the same with other related organizations such as the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Armed Forces Electronics and Communications Association (AFCEA).


The following have been nominated for director, listed alphabetically. Elected directors serve for a term of two years.


David P. Bart, KB9YPD (M2009)
Sr. Dir. Great Lakes Region, Litigation Services, RSM US LLP. University of Chicago: BA & MBA. Certifications: CIRA, CDBV, CFE, ASA. Professional: American Bankruptcy Institute, Assoc. Insolvency & Restructuring Advisors, American Society Appraisers, Assoc. Certified Fraud Examiners. RCA: Director since 2011, Editor RCA Proceedings and Chair of Publications Committee since 2014, Chair of Historical Committee 2011-2015. IEEE Member and Treasurer of IEEE Historical Committee. Antique Wireless Association: Director and Co-Editor AWA Review. Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago: Director, Vice Pres. and Treasurer. Publications/Presentations: RCA Centennial Index, RCA Technical Symposium, RCA Proceedings, AWA Review, AWA Conference, IEEE Global History Network, NY Historical Society, American Assoc. of Physics Teachers. Recipient of RCA’s Ralph Batcher Award and AWA’s Dr. Max Bodmer Award for historical preservation.

Position statement: I am proud to be a member of RCA, and it would be an honor to continue serving as a Director. I have focused on RCA’s publishing, educational and preservation activities, where I have enjoyed serving as the chair of the Publications and Historical Committees and Editor of the Proceedings. I will work closely with RCA and its strategic partners to manage RCA’s archival assets and to develop projects such as joint exhibits with RCA and AWA, maintaining RCA’s archives at AWA, authoring publications, and representing RCA’s interests at the IEEE Historical Committee.


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Richard P. Biby, N3UW (M1994, F2000)
Richard P. Biby, F, P.E., N3UW is owner of AGL Media Group, LLC, publishers of AGL and DAS and Small Cell magazines address wireless communications infrastructure and cellular technologies, and principal of Two Hops Wireless, LLC, providing RF engineering services, and small wireless system operations support. He has started several radio frequency centric companies, including Sitesafe, specializing in human exposure to RF energy (RF exposure) and Waterford Consultants. Extensive experience with  design of two-way land mobile radio systems, developed and implemented RF propagation models, and provided engineering analysis tools commercially to the industry. He is an avid VHF and  UHF amateur radio contester and a licensed pilot.
-Association Federal Communications Consulting Engineers, Treasurer 1997-1998, Board of Directors 1998-2001, 2012-2015 (AFCCE), Scholarship committee (2013-2015)
-Registered Professional Engineer, Commonwealth of Virginia
-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Member (IEEE) Standards Coordinating Committee 28, long term member -Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Member (IEEE) and Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials – Intl. (APCO)
-Life Member ARRL, AMSAT
-BSEE / Computer Science (BSEE) George Washington University, MS Telecommunications and Computers George Washington University

Position statement: As a board member, I would wish to work toward building more transparent, open and radio specific scholarship outreach, attracting the next generation and further promoting awareness of RCA and our industry. When on the board previously, I was happy to see and participate increased efficiency in the management of the club, both financially, with the newsletter and the operations, and would be happy to serve in any capacity needed.


SAMSUNG CSC Michael J. Clarson, WV2ZOW (M1981, F2006)
Michael J. Clarson, BSEE, New Jersey Institute of Technology; M 1981, F 2006. Mike, having obtained his amateur radio incense at the age of 10 in 1961, began a lifelong commitment to the science and art of radio communications. Professionally, his career included both commercial and public safety land mobile communications, first as a technician with Motorola C&E, then Director – Technical Operations with Airsignal International (radio paging/mobile phones). Then, after spending several years with cellular startups, Mike joined RCC Consultants, Inc. where, for over 22 years he has been designing and implementing commercial, and public safety communications systems. Currently with PARSONS Corporation, he is the RF Design lead for various public safety and rail transit projects, such as the World Trade Center Transportation Hub and campus in New York, the East Side Access, which brings Long Island Railroad trains into Grand Central Terminal and Hudson Yards where the Long Island Rail yard by Penn Station NY is being overbuilt with high rise buildings.

Position statement: It has been an honor serving on the RCA Board of Directors, where I have supported the club’s efforts to preserve and publicize the history of our chosen field in a fiscally responsible manner.  Our club is more than history, however. We have made it our mission to learn from the past to create the future of wireless communications through our scholarship program, technical symposiums, youth activities and more.  Being re-elected as Director, I would continue to promote these goals and strive to increase membership, especially among those just discovering the world of wireless communications. During my past term I have represented RCA at the Dayton Hamvention, served on the membership committee during one of the largest increases in membership in recent years, and served on the Nominations and Elections committee that supplied nominees for vacancies arising mid-term, and brought electronic balloting to the RCA election process in 2016.

Nathan “Chip” Cohen, W1YW (M2012, S2014, L2015)
Nathan Cohen is CEO of Fractal Antenna Systems of Bedford, MA. A physicist with expertise in electromagnetics and imaging, he holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Cornell University. He was a radio astronomer at Harvard; MIT; Arecibo Observatory; Cornell; NASA; and Boston University, where he retired after 15 years as a professor.  After 9/11 he spent a decade working with defense and government clients on counter IED antennae and other defense systems, and was security officer for the firm. An inventor since age 6, he holds 44 US and international patents along with many patents pending, on fractal antennas, real-time deconvolution; image compression;  fractal electronics; invisibility cloaks; 3D printing/manufacturing, and the (recently patented) electromagnetic deflector shield. He is a managing editor of the scholarly journal FRACTALS and Vice President Pro-Tem of the Radio Club of America.

Position statement: My first term as director doubled as Vice President Pro-Tem. Fun! As such I was able to learn and participate in a number of developing and executed initiatives including: fundraising; membership growth; membership value; publications content, and technical and scientific quality of the RCA. Many of you have seen me directly involved with: elections; Technical Symposium; and Proceedings. I now would be grateful to continue as director, so that I can gain additional experience in forwarding the Club, before pursuing a direct leadership position. I am bullish on RCA: we have an unusually talented and experienced membership that we need to further acknowledge and show appreciation and support, for only this will provide the basis to convince new members of the value equation of being an RCA member. Wireless and radio are vital to our society and the RCA needs to be the ‘go-to’ place for showcasing new technologies; supporting youth; and sharing radio’s lively and vibrant history through our membership.

Paul Z. Gilbert, KE5ZW (M2007, F2012)
Paul Z. Gilbert joined the Radio Club of America in 2007 through the assistance of Carroll Hollingsworth and in memory of West Texas friend and former RCA Fellow, Jay Huckabee. In 2012, Paul was elevated to a Fellow of RCA Club. In 2013, Paul was asked to join the Board of Directors of RCA. Paul grew up in his family’s radio broadcast and cable TV business in Snyder, Texas. He currently is employed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in the Emergency Management – Maintenance Division as the TxDOT State Radio Coordinator.  Paul is responsible for guidance and oversight of TxDOT’s Land Mobile Radio system.  Paul works with agencies in Texas as a DHS All Hazardous Communications Technician (COMT) and instructor teaching COMT classes and duties. Along with being a Life Member of RCA, he is a member of APCO International, Electronic Technicians Association International, Central Texas Motorola Trunking Users Group, the NRA and a Life Member of American Radio Relay League as the West Gulf Division Assistant Director for Public Safety. Paul has a combined 35 years of experience in the field of Public Safety communications. Outside of his professional career he is a former Volunteer Fireman and Paramedic, holds an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator license, KE5ZW, Texas State RACES, Texas ARMY MARS as the VHF Coordinator and in the Texas State Guard (TXSG) J6 State Radio Officer for the TXSG. Paul spent almost 20 years as a news photographer for various West Texas newspapers and freelance photographer. Paul holds a B.S. of Education, Journalism, from Southwest Texas State University and has been married 37 years to Barbara Gilbert who works for Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. They have two children, Wesley Gilbert of Houston, Texas and Melina Gilbert of Huntsville, Texas.

Position Statement:  I am proud to be serving on the Board of Directors for RCA and I strive to bring a perspective from the trenches to the Board and membership. I vow to continue this representation on the board if re-elected for another term.


lopez_rob Robert A. Lopez (M2012)
Robert A. Lopez, P.E., (Rob) is the owner and principal of RLA Communications Engineering, LLC (RLA) a private consulting engineering company established in 2016. Rob has been in the wireless telecommunications industry for 31 years that started with Motorola and then with RCC, now part of Black & Veatch Corporation. He joined RCC in 1989 after beginning his career in public safety / mission critical land mobile radio (LMR) with Motorola C&E, Inc. in 1985 where he started as an engineering intern while completing his BSEE degree at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) followed with his MSEM also from NJIT. Rob is a member of RCA, IEEE, APCO and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and holds an active Level 3 certification for iBwave© distributed antenna system (DAS).

Position statement: As a member of the RCA Board of Directors, I will be proud to support and held facilitate RCA’s goals and objectives in a fiscally responsible manner. I will endeavor to continue to promote more membership participation in club activities through various means, e.g., by on occasion moving the annual banquet out of the NYC area and encourage more young college students interested in radio and wireless technologies that include but limited to Broadcast Radio, Land Mobile Radio, Long Term Evolution (LTE) and the evolving technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things IoT.

Louis M. Manno (M2003, F2010)
Educated in classical music, acoustics and recording engineering, Louis Manno’s career highlights his broad range of credits which includes classical music mixing, foley, and live sound. He has extensive experience in theater sound reinforcement and residential and commercial sound system design and installation. In addition, he has experience in film stage and studio construction, radio broadcasting, and record pressing quality control. His credits include 14 years at Broadway’s Mark Hellinger Theater, 10 years providing sound for presidents of corporations and heads of state at the Waldorf-Astoria, and live mixing in Central Park to an audience of 250,000. His largest project to date is the establishment of the Audio History Library & Museum, dedicated to the history of the sound industry. “The Audio Industry’s Archive,” the Audio History Library’s collection is comprised of files on over 2,000 audio equipment manufacturers from 37 countries spanning 160 years.  Mr. Manno is a 30+ year member of the Audio Engineering Society, Life member of the Antique Wireless Association, Audiophile Society of NY, Michigan Antique Phonograph Society, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Fellow & Board member of the Radio Club of America, and the Society for the History of Technology’s Mercurians.

Position statement: A hundred years ago, everybody knew the name of Guglielmo Marconi. While society had no idea how he sent messages through the “ether,” everyone knew who he was. And the professional respect accorded workers in radio craft was as expansive as broadcasts reaching the ends of the earth. In “the old days,” if you wanted to play a radio, you traveled down to Cortland Street’s “Radio Row,” bought parts, went home, learned soldering without burns, invited your buddy from next door, and through headphones were startled to hear KDKA. The joy and pride of ownership were earned and appreciated. Now with the commoditization of electronics  where  music arrives by a mouse-click, the experience require no effort and is taken for granted as an entitlement of no importance, utilitarian as a street light. It is the mission of the Audio History Library and Museum to reintroduce into popular culture an understanding of the genesis and development of the electronic processes that provide us with the world of communications, entertainment, and sound. Through a deeper knowledge of “how we got here” will come a heightened appreciation of the craft and a rising respect for we who have dedicated our technological lives to the enrichment of others.


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Mark D. Pallans, W4MDP (M1990, F1996)
Mark Pallans is Life Member of APCO, Fellow of the Radio Club of America and a holder of both a General Class FCC commercial license and Extra Class amateur license. Grew up in New York City. BSEE Fairleigh Dickinson University. Torch Bearer for the 1996 Olympic Games. Taught electronic technology at RCA Institute. Worked in Emergency Management in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Broadcast industry experience, NBC, WOR, WMCA, WNYE. Senior quality control engineer for Motorola.  President of Hudson Marine Electronics. Communication Engineering Manager for Broward County, FL.  Miami-Dade Police Department, Communications Engineering Manager. City of Phoenix Frequency Engineer. Telecommunications Manager for the City of Fort Lauderdale. Chaired the APCO Spectrum committee. Member of APCO’s PSC Magazine Editorial Board. Chairman of FCC Region Planning Committees in Florida and Nevada. Member of the IWCE Advisory Board. Frequent presenter at APCO conferences and  IWCE show. Moved to Las Vegas and was the system administrator of the Nevada Shared Radio System. Went into consulting where he works with clients nationwide and in the Caribbean. For fun he is a National Park Service volunteer at Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument in Las Vegas and skis all winter.


Stanley Reubenstein, WA6RNU (M1980, F1989)

President Emeritus and past Director of The Radio Club of America (RCA). Past President, and board member of the Communications Marketing Association (CMA). Life member of QCWA and the ARRL (WA6RNU). APCO Member and past member of the APCO Commercial Advisory Board. Spacecraft Power Systems Engineering – Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Sales Manager – Standard Communications, Marketing Manager – TPL Communications, retired Founder and President of Aurora Marketing Company a manufacturer’s representative firm. Recipient of the CMA Pioneer Award, RCA Barry Goldwater Award, RCA Special Service Award, and the Boy Scouts of America Silver Beaver Award.  Resides in Denver, Colorado.

Position statement: Subsequent to serving as an officer and board member of the club for many years, I have been very active on various committees, especially the Youth Activities Committee. The Radio Club has been very important to me in both my professional and personal life. Since I am now retired, I have even more time to devote to the club and its activities. I cannot overstate the advantages of belonging to the club and I would like to assist in perpetuating  and preparing it for the next generations of communications professionals and interested individuals.

Andrew M. Seybold, W6AMS (M1997, F2000)
Andrew Seybold is one of the world’s leading authorities on technology and trends shaping the world of wireless mobility. Mr. Seybold is a respected analyst, consultant, commentator, author and active participant in wireless industry trade organizations. His views have influenced strategies and shaped initiatives for many of the world’s most respected names in the wireless industry from Verizon to Nokia. He is founder and CEO of Andrew Seybold, Inc., a wireless industry consulting firm that advises wireless mobility companies from start-up to Fortune 1000 and is very active in Public Safety communications. Mr. Seybold is widely known throughout the wireless communications industry for his keen perspective as well as his track record for accurately predicting trends in mobile wireless technology and convergence. He has served on the DHS Idaho National Labs Strategic Advisory Committee, the Motorola Research Visionary Board among others. Mr. Seybold is both a Fellow in the Radio Club of America and recipient of the Sarnoff Citation, and the APCO Presidential Award. In addition he has received the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) President’s award for his contributions to Public Safety communications and has been recognized by the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPTSC) for his contribution to Public Safety Broadband communications.

Position statement: I am running for election to the Board of Directors for the Radio Club of America (RCA). I have previously served several terms on the Board and have been a member of the Radio Club of America since the 1990s. I was elected a Fellow in 2000, and was honored to receive the Sarnoff Citation in 2010. As some of you are aware, I have devoted the past eight years to working with the Public Safety community in order to obtain the needed spectrum, funding, and organization required to build the first Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network. This fall, FirstNet will make an award for a partner to work with to build and operate the network, thus enabling me to devote the time necessary to assuming the duties of a dedicated Board Member of the RCA. I look forward to once again serving as Board Member and hope to earn your vote in the coming election for Director.

Alan Spindel, AG4WK (M2013)
Alan Spindel is the Senior Project Manager for Smartower Systems. An electrical engineer who trained at the University of Tennessee and has over twenty years professional experience in the telecommunications industry. Alan has worked in the field as a broadcast engineer, tower climber, design engineer and engineering manager. As the Chief Engineer of ShipCom, LLC, Mr. Spindel developed the systems used to automate the operation of one of the world’s largest commercial radio facilities. He was the Principal Systems Engineer for deployment of a nationwide HF radio emergency backup network for first responders and Public Safety Access  Points (PSAPS). Alan has served as the CTO of ITG, LLC since 2005, a maker of radio interoperability switching systems for public safety, commercial, and military customers. He is active in volunteer emergency communications and has served as the Rutherford County, Tennessee ARES Skywarn Net Manager for over a decade.

Position statement: I have always been honored to participate in the RCA due to its amazingly rich historical heritage. I feel that I am exceptionally honored to the asked to participate in the Club’s leadership. I recognize the Club’s important place in the industry and I understand that the organization needs dedicated and responsible stewardship as we move into the second decade of this new century. The club is at a critical juncture in its history and we must work diligently to maintain its relevance against the rapidly quickening pace of technology in general. I also believe that the demographic profile of the radio community as a whole is aging. As a result, the leadership of the RCA has a responsibility to  strive tirelessly to help pass the torch of this technology on to the next generation and generations to come so that they may continue to harness the almost magical power of electronic communications to help mankind.

William R. Waugaman, WA3OJG (M1978, F2015)
Bill has had over 50 years’ experience in Land Mobile Radio and wireless. Following technical school and college, his career began at Radiation Service Company maintaining radio communications for the Pennsylvania Railroad and State of Pennsylvania agencies. After serving in the US Navy as Electronic Technician with service in Viet Nam, he rejoined Syntonic Technology in management, sales, and marketing positions. Bill founded and was president of Specialized Mobile Radio Services providing SMR paging, cellular and land mobile radio systems in the Philadelphia/South Jersey Market. Following was paging and cellular system design at Jubon Engineering, industrial and Public Safety sales at Wireless Communications & Electronics and sales at EF Johnson. Bill moved to Public Safety as the Radio Systems Engineer and system manager for the City of Virginia Beach, VA, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the trunked, paging and mobile data systems. Bill joined LR Kimball, moving to Mission Critical Partners, where at both firms he has provided consulting services to the US Navy, state, county and local government clients in the planning, procurement and implementation of a wide range of wireless communications systems. Bill is semi-retired, residing in Florida.

Position statement: I welcome the opportunity serve and give back to the Radio Club. As the wireless industry expands beyond broadcast and mobile radio, We need to draw the up and coming leaders of today’s emerging and maturing wireless technologies into our organization, and provide them the fellowship, networking opportunities and support the club has to offer. We need to grow our membership with the younger generations, making sure we embrace those in all of the new wireless technologies and applications. We must continue to be seen as relevant as our industry changes.