2018 Candidate Information

All candidates for 2018/2019 leadership positions have been invited to provide a bio and position statement. Current RCA members will have the opportunity to vote online or via paper ballot (by request) starting on October 1. Please contact the RCA office at (952) 928-4651 or info@radioclubofamerica.org with questions.

President – Timothy J. Duffy, K3LR (M1999, F2010)
Executive Vice President – Carroll L. Hollingsworth, Sr., K5CTT (M1989, F1999)
Vice President – John Facella, P.E., K9FJ (M1987, F2009)

Elected officers serve for a term of one year.

scholl_barney Vice President/Counsel – Chester “Barney” Scholl, Jr., K3LA (M2016)
Chester B. Scholl, Jr. graduated from the University of Miami BSSA Dickinson School of Law JD, 1974. He is a partner in the law firm of Fruit, Dill, Goodwin and Scholl. He held a First Class Radio Telephone license and holds an Extra class amateur radio license and has been licensed since 1963. He is a life member of ARRL, and helps other amateurs with zoning and other related legal issues in his role as Volunteer Counsel through the ARRL, and is a Volunteer Examiner for amateur radio testing. He teaches Amateur Radio and law classes and presented at the Legal forum at the Dayton Ohio Hamvention. He helped his local Emergency Services Council plan for county radio system. He has been solicitor, board member and officer for a number of charitable organizations. He has represented a local cellular carrier in land acquisition and general matters. He is a member of the City of Hermitage Planning Commission and solicitor for township and Zoning Hearing Boards. He is a Trustee and past president of Mercer County Bar Association. He has been admitted to practice before Pennsylvania courts and the U. S Supreme Court. He is currently Vice President / Counsel of the Radio Club of America.POSITION STATEMENT: I am proud to be a member of RCA, and it would be an honor to continue serving as Vice President / Counsel. After a year dealing with a number of legal concerns related to the growth and future of the Radio Club of America I would like to be able to become involved in other aspects of the Club where my experience with other non-profit organizations could be helpful.

lyons_margaret_preferred Secretary – Margaret J. Lyons, P.E. (M1998, F2003)
Licensed Professional Engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in wireless communications, including: two-way radio, paging, and microwave radio systems engineering and consulting. Confident and articulate Engineer of Record for programs and projects in excess of $100M. Trusted advisor at the commissioner level to large organizations in the First Responder, Utilities, Transportation and Commercial Network sectors. As Director of RF Engineering at V-COMM, I am the PE in responsible charge for RF studies supporting wireless carrier network development in New Jersey. Primary liaison to the client during specification, procurement and implementation of two-way radio systems. Responsible for development and maintenance of project schedule, technical reviews and project status meetings. Coordinates the execution of legal agreements with vendors and subcontractors.POSITION STATEMENT: I am honored to accept the nomination to serve another term as Secretary for the Radio Club of America. It has been such a pleasure serving on the Board. My primary motivation for executive level involvement is that the Radio Club best captures, honors and encourages what I have most enjoyed working as an RF engineer: the variety of opportunities and aspects of working in radio as well as the overall one-family atmosphere of the radio community. I would like to direct my enthusiasm for this community toward an outlet where I can make a difference.

jakubowski Treasurer – Ronald J. Jakubowski, K2RJ (M1987, F1993)
Ron has served as the Radio Club Treasurer since 2011 and serves on the Executive Committee. His past club accomplishments have been the digitizing all of the available Proceedings and Yearbooks in the archives of RCA and publishing them on a DVD for the Centennial celebration. He also organized the Amateur Radio Special Event Station activity to be held in conjunction with the Centennial, and is did the same for the Awards Banquet several years ago in Texas. He served as chair of the original Website Committee. Ron is retired from the position of Chief Engineer – RF Systems at Bird Technologies, TX RX Systems where he assisted Public Safety customers with major performance issues and also served on the TR-8 land mobile technical committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) as chair of TR- 8.11, Antenna Systems and vice-chair of TR-8.18, Systems Compatibility. He relocated to Florida and now works part-time for Bird as a Senior Consultant.POSITION STATEMENT: As a member of the RCA Board of Directors and Treasurer, I have been proud to support and facilitate and will continue to promote more membership participation in club activities by occasionally moving the annual banquet out of the NYC area and, especially, getting more young people interested in radio and its history. I succeeded in helping to push the new relationship we now have with the Antique Wireless Association. I would like to see us do the same with other related organizations such as the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Armed Forces Electronics and Communications Association (AFCEA).


The following have been nominated for director, listed alphabetically. Elected directors serve for a term of two years.

James “Ernie” Blair, WA4BPS (M1999, F2010)
CEO of Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1 System. Ernie Blair has managed Alabama’s largest 9-1-1 Center for nearly 20 years, and led the promotion, design construction, operation and governance of an interoperable P25 radio system supporting all public safety agencies in Madison County, Alabama. The system was completed under budget, ahead of schedule, with more capabilities than originally contracted. Partnerships with neighboring jurisdictions and other Alabama P25 core owners have resulted in a growing “system of local systems” providing P25 interoperability for over half the state. More recently, Mr. Blair is leading a project of similar scope and complexity to deliver a mission critical LTE broadband data system in early 2018 for Madison County’s public safety responders in a public/private partnership with an Alabama Utility. Mr. Blair is Past-Chair of the Alabama State 9-1-1 Board, Commissioner on the Alabama First Responder Wireless Commission, Vice-President of Region One 700 MHz Planning Committee, and Past-President of Alabama NENA. He is COML and COMT for the North Alabama DHS All-Hazards Incident Management Team, serves on the Alabama Mutual Aid System Executive Committee, and was an American Red Cross Board Member for many years. Mr. Blair earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Alabama, while working as a radio announcer and electronics technician. He previously served in the aerospace industry and started several small business. First licensed as an amateur radio operator at age 15, Mr. Blair is a longtime participant in volunteer emergency communications for RACES, ARES, SKYWARN, the American Red Cross, and the National Weather Service. He served on the Huntsville Hamfest Committee for many years, contributing to the success of one of the largest hamfests in the Southeast. He is active on all HF ham bands, utilizing multiple modes, and is actively involved in maintaining and facilitating digital and analog repeater systems. As Civil Air Patrol officer, Lt Col Blair earned numerous awards and recognitions, including Alabama Wing Communicator of the Year (2010) and Inspector General of the Year (2016). Mr. Blair is a NENA Emergency Number Professional (ENP), APCO Public Safety Radio Technician, Electronic Technicians Association Senior CET, R-56 Communications Installer, and DHS All-Hazards Type III IMT, COML, and COMT. He holds the following FCC licenses: GROL/Radar, Radiotelegraph, GMDSS Operator/Maintainer, and Amateur Extra Class (WA4BPS). Mr. Blair is an RCA Fellow (2010), currently serving on the RCA Board, Executive Committee, and as Membership Chair.

POSITION STATEMENT: I have enjoyed the past two years serving as a Director in the Club, and Membership Chair for the past year. I am pleased with the progress the club has achieved during my 18 years as a member, especially in encouraging youth in radio and high tech endeavors. This year, I had the privilege of supporting Carole Perry and her crew at the Dayton Hamvention during both the RCA Youth Forum and Instructor’s Forum. It was an opportunity to experience and contribute firsthand to what RCA is doing to spark young people’s interest in technology. I believe that over the past couple of years, our Board has positioned itself to better serve its membership by employing a professional club management firm and making conscientious and sometimes difficult business decisions. A member of the Club’s Executive Committee, I have come to appreciate the importance of responsible club management. As Membership Chair for the past year, I made it my highest priority to ensure that our membership standards remain high, while encouraging a broad membership base representing a wide spectrum of radio interests, representing both amateur and professional communities. If re-elected Director, I pledge to continue doing my part to ensure the Board maintains the highest levels of stewardship in managing the club’s resources. I will make every effort to continue sound management and recruitment practices while promoting the club’s proud heritage of fellowship in the furtherance of the state-of-the art in radio and communications.

Karen J. Clark (M1999, F2004)
RCA Director 2003/2007, 2013/present RCA Executive Secretary 2007/2013; Banquet Chair
Currently Eastern Region Advertising Representative & Circulation at AGL Media Group. I am currently RCA Banquet Committee Chair, and member of the Regional Committee with RCA. I have served as RCA Website Committee Chair, Good & Welfare Committee Chair, Publications Committee member, and Regional Committee member. Industry involvement for over 20 years includes work with Biby Publishing on AGL Magazine and Primedia Business Media on Mobile Radio Technology, Cellular Business, Wireless World, CMI, MRT International, RF Design, Satellite Communications and with IWCE. Secretary/Treasurer of RMMRA, Board Member of Colorado Wireless Association, Past leader for Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts. Received the RCA Special Recognition Award in 2013; RCA Special Services Award in 2002; Received Primedia Business, “Above & Beyond” Award July 2001, and Outstanding Support Award August 1998, along with a number of awards from RMMRA.

POSITION STATEMENT: Given my history with The Radio Club of America, I am committed to the continuing efforts to improve RCA. As a current Director and former Executive Secretary of RCA and a Member and Fellow, I believe that I can add a needed level of knowledge, both past and present, to this Board. I look forward to helping RCA continue to move in the right direction. As Banquet Committee Chair, I will strive to improve the quality of the Banquet while keeping the expenses in check, and increasing the amount of sponsorship so everyone has a good experience. I will continue to assist with planning and implementing of the events at the Regional Conferences as well as working with the sponsors. I have served on the Publication Committee, Good & Welfare Committee, Regional Committee, and Website Committee Chair.

Michael J. Clarson, WV2ZOW (M1981, F2006)
Michael J. Clarson, WV2ZOW; BSEE, New Jersey Institute of Technology; M 1981, F 2006. Mike, having obtained his amateur radio incense at the age of 10 in 1961, began a lifelong commitment to the science and art of radio communications. He has been an RCA member for 36 years, and is married with one daughter. As an amateur, Mike was one of the earlier proponents of repeaters. As president of the Atlantic Region Repeater Legion in the early 1070s, he led that group to establish one of the better performing 440 MHz repeaters in the New York Metro area, linking repeaters and operating a 2 meter frequency agile remote base station, a rarity at that time. Mike is currently a member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club and Vice President of the Red Oak Society.
With RCA, Mike has served as director for the 2015-2016 term, regularly represents RCA at the Dayton Hamvention, serves on the membership committee since 2015 which included one of the largest increases in membership in recent years, and, while Director, served on the Nominations and Elections Committee that supplied nominees for vacancies arising mid-term, and helped bring electronic balloting to the RCA election process in 2016. Professionally, his career included both commercial and public safety land mobile communications, first as a technician with Motorola C&E, then Director – Technical Operations with Airsignal International (radio paging/mobile phones). Then, after spending several years with cellular startups, Mike joined RCC Consultants, Inc. where, for over 22 years he has been designing and implementing commercial, and public safety communications systems. Currently with PARSONS Corporation, he is the RF Design lead for various public safety and rail transit projects, such as the World Trade Center Transportation Hub and campus in New York, the East Side Access, which brings Long Island Railroad trains into Grand Central Terminal being two of the most noteworthy.

POSITION STATEMENT: It has been an honor previously serving on the RCA Board of Directors, where I have supported the club’s efforts to preserve and publicize the history of our chosen field in a fiscally responsible manner. Our club is more than history, however. We have made it our mission to learn from the past to create the future of wireless communications through our scholarship program, technical symposiums, youth activities and more. The club does an excellent job with these goals, and, as a Director, I would continue to promote these goals and strive to increase membership, especially among those just discovering the world of wireless communications. There are areas where I feel RCA can do a better job, and I intend to work toward these ends. First is to engage more members with club activities. We have the awards banquet and trade show gatherings, but that involves a relatively small portion of our membership. I will be soliciting input from members on activities that can be promoted (local chapters? Additional amateur radio activities?) by the club. I want to hear from the membership. I will also strive to bring more relevance to the Proceedings by soliciting articles on the current state of the art. It’s a great publication, but this is one area where I feel it has fallen short in recent years.

Paul Z. Gilbert, KE5ZW (M2007, F2012)
I have been a member of the Radio Club of America for near ten years, Life member for 4 years with service on the Board of Directors for the past five years. In 2012 I was honored to become a Fellow of RCA. RCA is the premier electronics, radio, RF, broadcast related organization in the world. I remember tales from a friend of my youth, Jay Huckabee about RCA. He spoke of friends, banquets, how he use to work for Fred Link and chasing Nazis during WWII. My work with RCA has always been done to honor him and those before us who built the great industries we work in and the RCA to the distinguished organization it is today. I bring many talents to RCA. My day job is the State Radio Coordinator at the Texas Dept. of Transportation (TxDOT) overseeing land mobile radio, HF radio, and satellite communications for an agency of 11,445 employees, a 6 million dollar tower management budget for 367 towers, 389 FCC licenses and over 12,000 portable, mobile and repeaters stations across 254 counties in Texas. I represent TxDOT to the American Association of State Transportation Officials (AASHTO), NPSTC Governing Board, TIA P25 Steering Committee and the User Needs Chairman along with numerous local and regional groups. Along with my work at TxDOT I am an Extra Class Amateur Operator (KE5ZW), Life member of the ARRL, the Western Gulf Division Assistant Director for Public Safety, a Dept. of Homeland Security – State of Texas Certified Communications Technician, Communications Leader, and a Captain in the Texas State Guard as the J6 Headquarters Staff Radio Officer. I really like to cook at home and play with my vegetable garden.

POSITION STATEMENT: I ask RCA members for their continued support and vote in this Board of Directors election so I can further my work as member of the Board of Directors of RCA, to honor a friend, the pioneers before us and preserve the RCA for those to come. Recently, I assumed W2RCA FCC Amateur Radio Club Station license trustee to oversee management of the license and bi-annual Radio Club of America QSO Party. I hope to grow the contest and use of the club license for special event stations during RCA activities whenever possible. As a member of the Board of Directors it is my duty to grow membership, grow participation and enhance the reputation and prestige of RCA as a leading organization. I vow to do this to the best of my ability.

Charles B. Kirmuss, W0CBK (M2013)
Charles B. Kirmuss, W0CBK, is an RCA Board Director since 2016. Is Director at large and Mission Commander for Rampart Search & Rescue of Adams, Morgan and Lincoln Counties Sheriff’s Office, Colorado. Seeking re-election, he is founder of Kirmuss & Associates. Since 1979, providing engineering, supply management, technology transfer and innovative product development and introduction services world-wide. Provider of its Kirmuss-Anderson iNTELLi ® smart-intelligent battery technology globally to the world’s leading two way radio manufacturers, is also speaker on China sourcing and product/factory matters and global technology trends since 2007 for Global Sources Electronics Show Management. Patent holder relating to both mass transit, situational awareness and homeland security including smart battery technology, is also OEM manufacturer to Icom America for its GPS microphone. Starting as a shortwave listener in 1967 and being “that nerd,” has worked on the space shuttle as well as himself having pioneered the introduction of wireless telemetry, slowscan/fastscan analog video transmission, digital imaging over analog cell phone, mobile and fixed digital video/audio recording and management. He has been a committee member for APTA (American Public Transportation Association), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Measurement), Scotland Yard, RCMP, and the Central Station Alarm Association.  An active member of RCA: has for the last 5 years been member of the Youth Committee and also in contributing the annual stipends to Carole Perry’s Dayton Youth Forum that every youth receives. Has raised funds for RCA through his industry participation. In 2017 created and funded the Carole Perry 30th anniversary commemorative code oscillator being promoted as a fund raiser to further expand RCA youth programs. Recipient of the RCA Service Award in 2017.

POSITION STATEMENT: It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I respectfully submit my application to serve another term on the Board. Two years have passed by so quickly. Another term would allow me to further contribute to benefit the Membership. I have a long history of involvement with like-associations and the services it provides. My interest in serving comes from my life work and passion in working with people within my industry and I have as a result gained insight and have a deep understanding of the many challenges and opportunities that mature Associations grapple with. I believe that in order for us to remain relevant and vital we must be engaged and further expand our reach to the next generation and technology trend. Not only wireless per se. Our message, growth, starts with promotion. We have to effectively tell the stories of RCA’s past and seek out new horizons, engage the new market segments and industry pioneers, thus expand our purpose and the members we serve. Our lineage is strong. “What does RCA do for me”… If re-elected to the Board I promise to bring a deep commitment to the collaborative efforts of the RCA Board and Executive: to build a vibrant and effective voice for its Members and Community that RCA serves. Thank you for your support.

Andrew C. Maxymillian (M2004, F2016)
Principal Consultant, Blue Wing Services, Inc. I have been a member of the Radio Club of America for over 15 years and was recently elected by the Board as a Fellow. I am currently a Principal, and part owner, of Blue Wing Services. My consulting firm provides engineering and project management radio communications consulting to public safety, as well as business and industrial clients. My professional experience includes nearly thirty years in the radio communications industry. My career began with the United State Air Force as a ground radio technician and manager. After an honorable discharge from service, I was hired by E.F. Johnson to direct the engineering, installation, and acceptance of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s statewide trunked radio system. Following my tenure at E.F. Johnson, I spent three years as a program director for M/A-COM, where I managed the installation, optimization, training, and maintenance of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public Safety Wireless Digital Communications Network. Most recently, I have been involved in 800 MHz rebanding efforts for various large-scale and multi-jurisdictional public safety radio networks. I have written numerous articles for trade publications, including one that presents and discusses the viability and timeline of voice over LTE networks. I speak frequently at industry events on topics such as project management, radio system design, and interference mitigation. In addition to my membership and Fellow status with RCA, I serve on various NPSTC committees, including Spectrum Management and Broadband. I also serve on the Editorial Advisory Board for Radio Resources’ Mission Critical Communications, and IWCE’s Attendee Advisory Committee. Professional affiliations also include the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), and the Project Management Institute (PMI). I am certified by PMI as a Project Management Professional (PMP). I previously served as a Board member and Chair of PMI’s Information Technology & Telecommunications Community of Practice. I also serve as a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Cubmaster for my son’s Cub Scout pack.

POSITION STATEMENT: First and foremost, I want express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to run for the position of Director, Radio Club of America. RCA is one of the most prestigious organizations in our industry and I hope to have the ability to serve and give back to the organization. Having reviewed the By-Laws, I understand the responsibilities of this position and I consider myself fully capable and experienced to perform the required tasks. My past experiences include Board positions on other organizations, including the Project Management Institute (PMI), where I eventually rose to the position of IT & Telecommunications Board Chair. Also, my experience gained from owning and managing a company will to be prove invaluable in my tenure as Board Director. My combined knowledge of the radio industry, along with my experience in leadership and management are the perfect mix for this position. I want to thank the RCA Board for the chance to be considered and I hope to receive your vote.

Ray J. Novak, N9JA (M2010, F2015)
Senior Sales Manager, Icom America, Inc.  Throughout Ray Novak’s nearly three-decade career in the communications equipment industry he’s been an innovator, leader, and tireless champion of bringing more youth into amateur radio. During his career he’s learned from some of the best in the industry and is now continuing that tradition by mentoring new leaders as well as welcoming more youth through several initiatives. Ray began his career in 1988 at MFJ Enterprises as an electronics technician after graduating from Northeast Mississippi Community College. From there he moved into international sales, later adding domestic sales to his role as sales manager. He credits Martin Jue, founder of MFJ, as an early career mentor and coach.
He joined Icom America in 1994 starting in technical support, moving to district sales manager in 1995, national sales manager in 1999, division manager in 2002 responsible for all amateur radio and receiver sales, and in 2014 added land mobile radio serving as Senior Sales Manager. He credits his advancement to hard work, street smarts, and coaching/guidance from his colleagues Hiro Nakaoka, president; Bob Carey, retired vice president; and Chris Lougee, vice president. More recently that has included Nick Pennance, vice president, who is a supporter of youth activities at Icom. Ray has also learned from other mentors such as Gordon West and Carole Perry on the importance of involving new hams and youth in as many aspects of amateur radio as possible.
Through his and Icom America’s support of countless hamfests, Contest University, Ham Nation, AmateurLogic.tv, along with an innovative multi-faceted sponsorship agreement with the Boy Scouts of America, to name just a few, he has served to significantly advance amateur radio across the country and around the world. Radio Club of America Fellow, ARRL Lifetime Member, DXpeditioner to Mozambique and Bhutan, continuous supporter of engaging youth in amateur radio. He writes on amateur radio and land mobile topics on the Icom America blog at http://blog.icomamerica.com

POSITION STATEMENT: Ray’s immediate goal as director will be to continue to build RCA’s youth activities program, develop and nurture scholarship efforts, as well as significantly ramp up the career education program. His on-going work as a mentor and youth advocate has proven that he has not only the leadership skills necessary but also an approach to problem solving that takes new innovative angles that lead to breakthrough improvements. Just one example is his leadership in developing the partnership between Icom America and the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to equipment loans to the National Scout Jamboree, which support operations that have introduced literally thousands of Scouts to amateur radio, he proposed and implemented an ingenious program of providing loan stations to local Scout councils. These loan stations bring top-notch equipment to the grass-roots level, helping local amateur radio operators introduce countless more Scouts to amateur radio. In everything he does, he rolls up his sleeves and makes it happen. That same attitude will come with him in service on RCA’s board. Ray Novak — mentor, youth advocate, leader — developing, nurturing, and growing the Radio Club of America for the next generations of leaders in the industry.

Carole J. Perry, WB2MGP (M1991, F1995)
As a Director and Chairperson of RCA Youth Activities since 2007, I have created many initiatives to encourage and support young people in radio/technology pursuits. I created the RCA Young Achiever program which identifies and rewards students in high school and below who have demonstrated technical excellence and creativity. To date 107 such awards have been presented. The Young Achiever receives a stipend and an RCA Young Achiever certificate from us. I also created the RCA Young Achiever patch which is awarded to each recipient. I have initiated the tradition of introducing an RCA Young Achiever to give a presentation at the RCA Technical Symposium every year. This has come to be valued as a very prestigious honor for the young person; both by colleges and by business people in the wireless industry. I also choose the RCA Young Achiever recipient of the IWCE Scholarship at the RCA Breakfast at that event every year. During the course of the year my committee members and I visit various school and Boy and Girl Scout troops to introduce the fun of ham radio and to encourage youngsters to pursue technical careers. Many of these students have kept in touch with me and share their successful educational experiences and their choices of technical careers, as a result of our inspiring them. Three years ago I did a Youth Forum presentation at Friedrichshafen, Germany that was very well received. As a result of my visit there, 3 RCA Young Achievers were chosen to be in an exchange program with 3 young German hams. We sent technical journals and books to the students and arranged for them to communicate on the radio.
I accepted an invitation in December, 2016 to visit Hyderabad, India and to be the keynote speaker at an Education Conference there. It was attended by 200 teachers, schools administrators and young students. At least one principal was inspired to introduce the amateur radio program I described in my talk; at his school. I have remained in touch with the key administrators at NIAR (National Institute for Amateur Radio) and we are discussing the possibility of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with them. In May 2017 I moderated my 30th Dayton Hamvention Instructors’ Forum and Youth Forum. I showcased 8 RCA Young Achievers who gave outstanding presentations about their interests and projects in amateur radio/technology. To date, 4 youngsters in the audience have already requested interviews to be considered for next year’s Youth Forum. Inspiring young people is one of the goals of our Youth Forums. I have been invited to conduct Youth Forums in Michigan, California, and Orlando in the upcoming months at major national radio conventions. As a contributing columnist for CQ Magazine, I have the opportunity of publicizing our initiatives and successes with young students. This generates interest in RCA and in my Youth Activities program. There is an amazing volunteering effort amongst our members to support our work in Youth Activities.

POSITION STATEMENT: As a Director and Chairperson of RCA Youth Activities I would have the ability and resources to expand our goals of showcasing and supporting talented young ham radio operators and students pursuing technical careers. My committee and I would visit more schools and scout troops and offer support for their radio/technology programs. We will expand our new efforts of visiting special needs schools to do demos and to expose the children to the fun of radio communications.
I would continue to moderate Youth Forums and to be a Banquet Speaker at national radio conventions across the country, and internationally, as well. I choose the RCA Young Achiever every year to receive the IWCE scholarship award at the RCA Breakfast there. At all my presentations I high light the RCA Youth Activities efforts and invite others to join us in this popular outreach program. I will continue to visit with schools and youth groups that request my assistance in setting up and applying to be chosen to make contacts with the International Space Station through the ARISS program. I am also in a position as a columnist for CQ magazine to publicize all these efforts under the aegis of Radio Club of America.

Elaine D. Walsh (M1983, F1990)
I was introduced to the radio industry in 1979 when I became part-owner and director of sales for Reliable Measurement Systems, a battery test equipment company. We manufactured units for private label resale by Motorola and GE and I was responsible for sales to major local, state & federal public safety agencies. After the company sold in 1983 until 1995, I was Vice President/Group Publisher for Cardiff Publishing, with responsibility for advertising sales and editorial content for Communications, Satellite Communications, Cellular Marketing and Voz y Datos magazines for a total worldwide circulation of 120,000 readers as well as exhibit sales, content and logistics for the IWCE, Voz y Datos Expo and Satellite Communications Users Conference shows. In my work, I have been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with two-way radio dealers and end users as well as wireless manufacturers of every size in the U.S. and internationally. In 1995, I founded E Comm International, Inc. to assist companies having difficulty finding ad agencies that understood the wireless business. We work primarily in the wireless industry, providing marketing, digital and print advertising and PR to clients including JVCKENWOOD USA, Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) and other companies in wireless including distributors, government bidding software providers, cabling, antenna and other suppliers. We also offer a unique sales training program in wireless and other industries. E Comm International, Inc. was named one of the Top Ten Advertising Agencies in S. Arizona in 2006, 2007 and 2015. I’m very proud that Fred Link personally handed me my RCA Fellow plaque in 1990 and I’m also delighted to be the current Marketing/Fund Development Chair. I’m a Communications Marketing Association (CMA) board member and received their President’s Award in 2003 and 2005. I was named an Outstanding Woman in Wireless by Wireless Week magazine in 2000 and our work has won numerous ADDY and other awards for excellent. I do a lot of speaking at industry events & have had the honor and pleasure of being the emcee at the last two RCA Award Banquets. I’m a member of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals, the American Marketing and Business Marketing Associations and the Association of Fund Raising Professionals. I volunteer with the Diaper Bank of S. Arizona and animal rescue and arts non-profits.

POSITION STATEMENT: So many people have contributed so much in time, energy, passion and financial support to RCA and it is the responsibility of the Board to respect and preserve that legacy and use it to take RCA into an exciting future. I have been privileged to serve as a Board officer, member and as chair of the Awards, Finance committees in the past and currently as the Marketing/Fund Development committee chair. As the owner of E Comm International, Inc. supporting some of the industry’s leading brands with advertising, marketing and PR, I am eager to use my capabilities to help more people get to know RCA and its important work. It is my goal to make sure that RCA develops a new and robust financial support system. This is key to RCA continuing to thrive. My other passion with the Radio Club is in the work we do helping America retain a competitive edge in technology, by encouraging young people – girls and boys alike – explore a technology education, especially leading to careers in this industry. All of us were probably lucky enough to be given a helping hand in our careers and we can do that through Radio Club. I am committed to working with others to expand Club membership to professionals in the emerging wireless technologies so that we can truly represent the “past, present and future of wireless” and share the amazing accomplishments of our pioneers with those who are up and coming in their careers.

Jane X. Winter (M2014)
Jane is currently the Executive VP of Sales and Engineering Programs at Fractal Antenna Systems of Bedford, MA. She has worked in the Engineering Industry for the last 17 years, starting with Fiber Communications and Fuel Suppression Systems for Control By Light, a commercial division of Raytheon, and continuing onto Military and Commercial systems for Parker Aerospace, ESD. With a BSEE and a dual degree in Broadcast Journalism from Miami U., Jane has been able to combine the Engineering day job, while moonlighting in Broadcasting and Journalisms gigs that began as a Baseball and Hockey Broadcaster in college, and continued on to becoming a Sports Streamer for the Moscow Times while living in Russia. Jane also covered the Boston Marathon for 13 years. Jane’s family has moved 20 times in the US and Internationally. She currently resides on a farm in Wisconsin, commuting to the Fractal office in MA.

POSITION STATEMENT: Four years ago, while manning the RCA Booth at IWCE, I had the pleasure of listening to John Facella sell this Club to potential new members. The rich history. The wireless industry. The support for the Youth, with our scholarships and programs. Frankly, I would’ve joined right then, if I wasn’t already a member. As a champion of this industry, RCA needs to nurture the inventive, creative, ever-emerging technologies in wireless communication and public safety, and also continue to “sell” this Club to draw in the next generation of professionals, to provide them fellowship and networking opportunities. As a member of the RCA Board of Directors, I would be proud to support and help facilitate RCA’s goals and objectives in a fiscally responsible manner.