RCA Interview Series with Angel Vasquez

October 6, 2020 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Famous for appearing in a 1995 James Bond movie, it’s the second largest facility of its kind on earth.  And now you can tour it!

The place is Arecibo Observatory, a massive radio telescope in Puerto Rico that tracks exoplanets, pulsars, quasars, asteroids and the mysterious Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) pulses.

On October 6 from 9-10PM ET, join a conversation and live facility tour with Eng. Angel M. Vazquez, the Telescope Operations Head/Spectrum Manager for Arecibo.  Sponsored by RCA, the interview will be conducted by RCA President Emeritus Tim Duffy, and is free and open to all, however, registration is required. Please click HERE to register.

This one-of-a-kind event is part of the RCA Interview series. The first interview was on August 13th with wireless entrepreneur, educator and innovator, Dr. Ted Rappaport, N9NB.  The webinar covered Dr. Rappaport’s career in wireless, his life-long passion for radio, views on 5G, his background as an entrepreneur, information on the current work he’s doing at NYU, his unique history with RCA and what he sees for the future of wireless communications. Dr. Rappaport’s full biography is at the NYU Wireless site.

After each interview we will have links to items of interest from the interview, including articles and books. 

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