Exhibitor Tables Available at 2017 Technical Symposium

NEW!  For the first time we are making available a limited number of half table spaces at the RCA Technical Symposium.   The Symposium is held during the day from 8 AM to approx. 4:45 PM, and is attended by a large number of RCA members including engineers, technicians, and technical experts in the wireless industry.

Because of space limitations, we will have a few tables which can be shared by vendors for the purposes of showcasing literature, or small products.  Vendors can discuss or demonstrate during the breaks, but there can be no audio or video presentations during the Technical Symposium’s presentations.  Each half table costs $150.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. Note that if we assign a vendor a half table space, only one representative will be able to staff the table, because of space restrictions.

RCA Technical Symposium Exhibitor Table Registration

  • Price: $150.00
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    The price is $150 per half table space. This also allows ONE vendor person to staff the table. Because of space limitations, we cannot provide for additional vendor personnel beyond the one person.
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