The Proceedings of the Radio Club of America, the oldest radio periodical in existence, is noted for its historical and scholarly significance, and distinguished contributors. The Proceedings are mailed to members twice each year, the Spring and the Fall issues, in addition to the Annual Directory. The Proceedings encourages and welcomes articles from member and non-members who wish to share their knowledge of wireless communications.

Thanks to significant contributions from members, the Club has preserved copies of every issue of the Proceedings since its decades-ago beginning. A review of this fascinating collection is a trip through the history and contributions of the wireless art and the Radio Club of America.

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Proceedings Index

Thanks to the efforts of David Bart, we now have an index of all of the Proceedings published between 1913 and 2013.


To commemorate the centennial of the Proceedings of the Radio Club of America, the RCA Historical Committee compiled a comprehensive text-searchable index of all surviving copies of the Proceedings from 1913 through 2013. The index includes an introduction to RCA, a history of the Proceedings itself, listings of notable RCA inventors and developers, an index to RCA’s awards, and photos of important RCA milestones. The index also includes instructions for using the electronic version of the files to do your own custom searches and sorts, as well as pre-sorted versions of the index by item, article, author and key subjects. The available pdf files are set up to print double sided.

Complete Index

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Part 1: Index Sorted by Date/Item

Part II: Index Sorted by Author/Item

Part III: Index Sorted by Subject

Part IV: Index Sorted by Title

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