RCA’s Feb. 3, 2019 Amateur Radio QSO Party Recap

Chip Cohen, RCA’s VP and Chair of the W2RCA Committee reports: “Conditions more descriptive of a Waring blender dominated our QSO party with ‘A’ values of 17 on propagation (“poor conditions”).  Despite the grinding noise of QRN, several RCA members turned on the rigs.

W2RCA was active during the entire two sprints on 20 and 40 meters, with over 50 QSO’s, as far as England and California.  W2RCA will be sending QSL’s to all who contacted the club station and of course, we want reports from members on how they did.

Most hams have no idea what RCA is about, so the QSO party additionally served as a friendly informational source. We made many new friends, and over 350 ‘hits’ on W2RCA happened on our ‘bio page’ on QRZ.com during the sprints.

Our Fall QSO party promises less adverse conditions, as propagation forecasts predict quieter bands.