Scholarship Funds

Probably the most important mission of the Radio Club of America is our focus on the FUTURE of the Wireless Industry.   We do that at several levels:

  • At the middle school and high school level
  • At the college/university level

Our RCA Scholarship Program, which has been going on for decades, each year awards many scholarships to students studying engineering, broadcasting, or allied subjects at colleges and universities across the U.S.  Our goal is to encourage and help create the next generation of wireless innovators, engineers and designers, and executives.  These students find these scholarships of immense assistance at a time when tuition costs have become very expensive.  In the attached link you will find letters from students all over the country who have benefited from our scholarship program.  They are attending such diverse schools as: Capitol Technology University, Cooper Union, Georgia Tech, Michigan Technological University, Montclair State, North Dakota State, State University of New York, Virginia Tech, and University of Texas.

College students, please note:  RCA does NOT decide which students get the scholarship funds at a particular college/university – the university decides this.  If you attend one of the colleges/universities herein listed, apply to your school to be selected for an RCA scholarship, NOT to RCA.

Below is a list of the different Scholarship Funds and how they originated. Each of these organizations have procedures in place to award 100% of the Club’s grants to specific college students in need of tuition assistance.

  • The Barone-DiBlasi-Facella Fund was established by the Barone, DiBlasi, and Facella families to honor the memory of Sal Barone, RCA Fellow, and John DiBlasi, RCA Fellow and former RCA Treasurer and RCA Vice President.
  • The Biggs Fund was established by his widow in memory of member and Fellow Biggs.
  • The Brownson Fund was established by Bernie Brownson.
  • The Buller Fund was established in 2006 by Eileen Buller in memory of her husband, Patrick Buller.
  • The Dettra Fund was established by John Dettra, an RCA Director for more than 35 years and Chair of the RCA Scholarship funds for several decades
  • The Finch Grant-In-Aid Fund: The scholarship funds were started in the early 80’s by Captain Bill Finch (USN). He put in a lump sum and the Finch Grant-In-Aid fund was created.
  • The Grebe Fund was started by Alfred Grebe II in memory of his father.
  • The Gunther Fund was started by Robert Gunther for Frank Gunther.
  • The Goldwater Fund was established in honor of Barry Goldwater while he was still alive.
  • The Link Fund was established in memory of Fred Link
  • The Meyer Fund was established in honor of Stuart Meyer
  • The Meyerson Fund was established in honor of Lou Meyerson.
  • The Poppele Fund was established in memory of Jack Poppele and Bill Endres by the Poppele family
  • .The Somers Fund was established by Richard Somers for his devotion to the Club.

How to Establish a Scholarship Fund

If you would like to establish a Scholarship Fund, either in memory of someone or in honor of someone, please contact the RCA Scholarships Chair Alan Spindel at email ag4wk73@gmail.com.

2019 Scholarship Awards

The Radio Club of America awards scholarships through cooperative educational institutions.  The ultimate recipients are chosen by the cooperative institution to provide objective consideration of candidates.  If your college or university is interested in participating in the Club’s Scholarship program, please contact the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.  These are the awards as of spring 2019:

Montclair State University (NJ)

Award: $4,000            Poppele-Endres Fund

Cooper Union

Award: $1,000            Barone-DiBlasi-Facella Fund

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Award: $1,500             Link Fund

Metropolitan State College of Denver

Award: $1,000             Brownson Fund

Stevens Institute of Technology

Award: $1,000             Buller/Meyerson/Biggs

F.A.R. Scholarships

Award: $2,500             Meyer/Goldwater/Bronson

Capitol University

Award: $1,500             Dettra

University of Cincinnati

Award: $1,500            Finch

Georgia Tech

Award: $1,000           Grants in aid fund

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