Silent Keys

Silent key is a term of respect for a deceased amateur radio operator. The term originated with telegraph operators and continued with early wireless and then amateur radio operators. The term SK is used in telegraphy to indicate an end of transmission. Today, the term is commonly used within the wireless community as a sign of respect and condolence regardless of whether the deceased was actually a licensed amateur radio operator.


John E. Brennan
Date of passing: September 19, 2020
RCA member since 1978, Fellow 1988, RCA President Emeritus



Clifford E. Bade, W8CJB
Date of passing: January 14, 2020
RCA member since 1978, Fellow 1992



Michael Clarson, WV2ZOW
Date of passing: January 12, 2020
Director, Chair of Scholarship Committee, RCA member since 1981, Fellow 2006



Robert (Bob) Fay
Date of passing: August 18, 2019
RCA member since 2003



William (Bill) Tynan, W3XO
Date of passing: August 7, 2018
RCA member since 1992 and Fellow since 1997


Additional information


Col. Gilbert Rehm Houck
Date of passing: July 24, 2018
RCA member and former Club Secretary, our only Secretary Emeritus



John Shafer, W0KWR
Date of passing: July 4, 2018
RCA Fellow 1975


Stephen Reynolds
Date of passing: Jun 22, 2018
RCA member



Richard Harris Sr.
Date of passing: Jun 11, 2018
RCA member

Vivian A. Carr
Date of passing: April 29, 2018
RCA member 1973, Fellow 1975, RCA president 2011 & 2012, namesake of the Vivian Carr award

Rememberance Card

Marcus Lockard
Date of passing: April 13, 2018
RCA member since 1987, Fellow since 1992


Alan Armitage
Date of passing: March 5, 2018
RCA member since 1969, Fellow since 1977


Frank Rodriguez, KB2VCB
Date of passing: March 4, 2018
RCA member since 1987, Fellow since 2004

Tom Sorley
Date of passing: February 3 2018
RCA member since 2011, recipient of NPSTC’s Richard DeMello award in 2015

Ronald Frisbie
Date of passing: January 28, 2018
RCA member since 1988; Fellow since 1995

Lance Howell
Date of passing: January 21, 2018
RCA member since 2003

Alfred H. Grebe, Jr.
Date of passing: December 10, 2017
RCA member since 1953, Life Member since 1992 and Fellow since 1959

Ray Schulenberg
Date of passing: July 17, 2017
RCA member since 2014, RCA Ralph Batcher Award recipient in 2014

Morgan McMahon, N6VY
Date of passing: May 20, 2017
First RCA Ralph Batcher Award recipient in 1976

Gaetano “Tom” Amoscato, President Emeritus
Date of passing: December 26, 2016
RCA member since 1973, Life Member since 1975 and Fellow since 1981

John Hayes Caperton II
Date of passing: December 5, 2016
RCA member since 1969, Fellow since 1979

Sam (J.S.) Chattaway
Date of passing: October 14, 2016
RCA member since 1990

Robert Lynn Sanders
Date of passing: August 27, 2016
RCA member since 2007

Walter Prang, KZ5WP
Date of passing:  June 15, 2014
RCA Fellow 2001