2017 Technical Symposium Slides

The 2017 Technical Symposium was perhaps one of the most technical we have ever put on.  We had presentations from Dr. Eli Brookner “Mr. Radar”, and Dr. Nathan Cohen “Mr. Fractal Antennas”, two world renown experts in their fields!   We also had four presentations from the broadcast industry which provided a wealth of information on repacking, the new ATSC 3.0 TV standard, on the history of the KDKA transmitting antenna tower, and on datacasting for public safety.  Our youth presenter talked about combining robotics and radios.

These slide decks from the 2017 Technical Symposium in Pittsburgh have been added.  Please note that 3 presentations are missing and will be added in a few days.

RCA wants to thank once again the iCOM Corporation for providing the equipment and resources to allow the Technical Symposium to be live streamed during the event.  The streaming video will be added to the RCA Channel on You Tube in the next 10 days.  We experienced some technical difficulties such that the first presentation, on the KDKA antenna tower, unfortunately did not get recorded.