NPSTC’S Richard DeMello Award

The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) developed this award in 2006 to honor the achievements of Richard DeMello, a member of the Radio Club of America who was instrumental in bringing radio spectrum frequency coordinators together to form NPSTC. The NPSTC award recognizes an individual in public safety communications who has demonstrated the highest levels of personal and professional conduct and performance in local, state and national public safety communications.


2006 – Harlin McEwen

The 2006 Award was funded by Sponsors, Richard Nowakowski, Motorola, and M/A-Com.

2007 – John Powell

The 2007 Award was funded by Sponsors, GeoCom, Motorola, M/A-Com

2008 – Charles L. Werner

The 2008 Award was funded by Ericcson

2009- Donald E. Root Jr.

The 2009 Award was funded by Eads North America, Jack Daniel Company and Doug A. Sharp

2010 – Alan C. Caldwell

The 2010 Award was funded by Harris Corp., Motorola and the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Offices

2011 – Marilyn Ward

2012 – David Buchanan

The 2012 Award was funded by Harris Corporation, Motorola Solutions, APCO International and Oceus Networks

2013 – Douglas M. Aiken

2014 – David Boyd, Ph.D.

2015 – Tom Sorley

2016 – Paul Patrick

2017 – Kevin McGinnis

2018 – Sue Swenson

2019 – Chief Barry Luke