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Why Awards Matter and How You Can Make a Difference

For 100 years, the Radio Club of America has identified and elevated achievers, pioneers, game changers and inventors through the RCA awards program. For nearly as long, the RCA Fellows program has showcased RCA members who have not only contributed to the success of the Club but have distinguished themselves with their professional accomplishments.To do this, we need the participation of the RCA membership.

You know people who do award-winning work. Think about the people you know who, through their collaboration skills, brilliant insights, persistence, or leadership, demonstrate grit and creativity.

Their contributions may be limited to a single company or this person’s invention or innovation may be key to the success of an entire industry segment.

Think about the people others turn to for advice or mentorship. Consider those you look up to or who inspire you. And don’t forget people who just flat out deliver measurable results for their companies and their clients.

Some RCA awards are limited to people who are RCA members. But that’s not really a limitation because RCA members are some of the most accomplished people in wireless.
People who are not RCA members can be considered for several awards, too.

The criteria for being elevated to Fellow are spelled out clearly on the form, so think about RCA members who would benefit from having a light shone publicly on their achievements.

Nominating someone you know for an award or a Fellow is time well invested and a great way to be involved with the Radio Club.

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