The Alfred H. Grebe Award

Alfred H. Grebe obtained a commercial radio license at age 15 and founded the Grebe Radio Company in 1914. The company later became the Grebe Radio and Television Company, which also operated several radio stations, including WCBS that is still broadcasting in New York City. Established in 1994, the Alfred H. Grebe Award recognizes significant achievements of excellence in the engineering and manufacturing of radio equipment.



1994 – Frank A. Gunther
2001 – Amar G. Bose, Sc D
2002 – Gilbert R. Houck
2005 – Jerry B. Minter
2007 – Louis J. Meyer P.E.
2009 – Larry Conlee
2012 – Charles J. Soulliard
2015 – Dr. Nathan Cohen

2019 – Dr. Bob Heil