The Henri Busignies Memorial Award

Henri Busignies, an electronics and communications expert, was responsible for over 140 inventions in aerial navigation and direction finding to guide aircraft. One of his inventions, the “Huff-Duff” high-frequency direction finder, is credited with helping to thwart German submarine wolfpacks during WWII. The award, established in 1981, primarily recognizes achievements in the field of communications equipment and is granted to any person who has contributed substantially to the advancement of electronics for the benefit of humanity.



1981 – William H. Forster
1982 – James O. Weldon
1983 – David Talley
1984 – Frank P. Barnes
1985 – Jerry B. Minter
1986 – Frank A. Gunther
1987 – Renville H. McMann, Jr.
1988 – Francis T. Cassidy
1989 – Avery G. Richardson
1990 – William G. Donaldson
1991 – Raymond E. Lafferty
1992 – Stuart F. Meyer
1994 – Eric D. Stoll, Ph.D., P.E.
1997 – Leslie A. Geddes
1998 – Reed E. Fisher
2000 – Stephen M. Meer
2003 – Leonard R. Kahn
2011 – Paul Gierow
2015 – Raymond L. Collins
2016 – Dr. Mischa Schwartz

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