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‘Why should I send my employee to present at the RCA Technical Symposium?’

A quote from a presenter at our 2015 Technical Symposium:  “As a result of presenting at the RCA Tech Symposium, a few weeks later we got a call about a potential major contract for our product.  This potential client for us had seen the RCA YouTube video on my presentation, and wanted to discuss a big project with us as a result.”

Your company’s presentation will have long term “marketing persistence“:  prospective clients can view and download your slide presentation, and view your presentation, at any time.  If you are a smaller company, pointing to the Website of the world’s oldest professional wireless society’s Technical Symposium will give you added credibility.

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Our 2017 Agenda plus Abstracts and Presenter Bios


2017 Slide Decks:

KDKA Tower

New ATSC Standard

Robots and Radios Youth Presentation

Datacasting for Public Safety

Amazing Breakthroughs and Future Trends in Radar

TV Channel Repacking

Fractal Metamaterials and the New Class of Directional Antennas

Mesh Network for Emergency Communications for the State of Delaware


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