2014 Banquet Recap

RCA 2014 Banquet Returned to The New York Athletic Club For Its 105th Banquet

group photoOn November 22, RCA held its 105th annual awards banquet at the New York Athletic Club. By all accounts, it was a terrific event, and the participants had a wonderful time. The RCA Proceedings will provide full coverage of the banquet with color photos in the Spring 2015 issue. As we go to press with our Fall 2014 issue of the Proceedings, we summarize a few highlights.

Following a well attended cocktail reception in the plush surroundings of the Athletic Club, Robert Schwaninger stepped up as the Master of Ceremonies. Bruce McIntyre, President and Fellow, gave the President’s Report. Rohan Agrawal, age 13, received the Young Achiever’s Award from Carole J. Perry, Director and Fellow. Rohan’s father gave thanks to RCA for supporting his gifted son.

bob heil 4Timothy J. Duffy, Vice President, Fellow and Banquet Chairman, introduced the Keynote Speaker, Bob Heil who spoke about his life in radio, his early interests, and his experiences designing sound systems for rock concerts, microphones, and other ventures. His life in the rock and roll environment stood in marked contrast to our typical speakers from the technology research and industrial communities.

Carroll Hollingsworth, Director and Fellow, followed dinner with a Special Service Award presentation on behalf of RCA to its approximately 60 World War II Veterans in recognition of the anniversary of their service to the nation and the world during WWII.

Carole J. Perry, Director and Fellow, gave the Education and Youth Activities Report. John E. Dettra, Jr., Director and Fellow, next provided the Scholarship Report.

The opening award was given to John S. Belrose, Ph.D., Director and Fellow, who received the Edgar F. Johnson Pioneer Citation for a lifetime of work in radio from Robert P. Walsh, Director and Fellow. Bruce Mcintyre presented the Jerry B. Minter Award to Albert D. Helfrick, Ph.D. for his work in the aviation electronics industry.

RCA inaugurated its new Women in Radio Communications Award with a presentation by Mercy Contreras, President-Emeritus and Fellow, to RCA’s Vivian A. Carr, President-Emeritus and Fellow. Vivian is known for her work at Bell Labs, and most notably for her pioneering spirit and successfully breaking the glass ceilings at Bell Labs, the IEEE and RCA as the first woman member and officer in those organizations. This new award will be given annually by RCA for substantial “contributions made by a woman” to the world of communications.

The 2014 Fellow Inductions were made by Sandra L. Black, Executive Vice President and Fellow and Marilyn Ward, Fellow. The 2014 Fellow Respondent for the Fellow Awardees was Georggina “Gigi” Smith, the President of APCO International. The new Fellows included: Robert R. Balais, David P. Byrum, Paul M. Mayer, Ralph Singletary, and Georggina Smith.

The 8th Annual Richard DeMello Award (issued by the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council at the RCA banquet) was issued to David Boyd, Ph.D. by Ralph Haller, Fellow and Harlin McEwen, Director and Fellow. Dr. Boyd was the long time Director of the Office for Interoperability and Compatibility and as the Director, Technology Transfer at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Elaine Walsh, Fellow, next made the annual RCA Scholarship Fund Raising Appeal.

Raymond Schulenberg and Olin Shuler received the Fred M. Link Award from John Dettra, Jr., Director and Fellow, for their work at Motorola on the first FM car radio and other land mobile products. Raymond was not present and will have his award delivered personally by David Bart and Sandra Black.

bob heil tim duffyTimothy J. Duffy presented the Barry Goldwater Award to Norman “Doug” Grant. He has been active in most areas of amateur radio, holds numerous contest awards, has been a director of various contest activities for ARRL and others, and was an author of CQ Amateur Radio Almanac.

Sandra L. Black, Executive Vice President and Fellow and David Bart, Director, next presented the Sarnoff Citation on behalf of Nick Holonyak, Jr. His award will be delivered in person by Sandra and David. Dr. Holonyak is known for his invention of the red LED, emitter switches, 41 patents and his 50 year tenure at the University of Illinois.

Finally, the Armstrong Medal went to J. R. Cruz, Ph.D. and Fellow for his significant contributions to wireless communications and data storage. Notably, he was recognized for his work as an engineer and task leader performing navigation analysis for the first two Space Shuttle missions and his other contributions at Motorola and then the University of Oklahoma. Morgan O’Brien, Fellow, made the presentation. Dr. Cruz offered his comments on a lifetime of work in the radio field.

The President’s Award was given to John A. Facella, P.E., Director and Fellow Presenter by Bruce McIntyre. John was recognized for his unselfish dedication to RCA and his leadership of the Technical Symposium. John then presented the Technical Symposium Award to the two best presentations of the day. The winners were Dr. Nathan Cohen for his presentation on 3D printers and fractal antennas and Rohan Agrawal for his presentation about his invention of a ham radio / cell phone interface. The joint award was a terrific example of RCA’s link between the youth of tomorrow, a 13 year old wunderkind, and our legacy of members leading research into new frontiers, a father of fractal antenna design and our newest member of the RCA Board.

The evening ended with the Presidential Service and Appreciation Award given to outgoing RCA President and Fellow Bruce McIntyre by incoming RCA President Sandra L. Black, former Executive Vice President and Fellow. Robert Schwaninger closed the event with best wishes and an invitation to join RCA again in 2015 for the next annual banquet.

Thank you to our sponsors: Telewave, Inc., IWCE and URGENT Communications, Mission Critical Communications, Young Achiever Sponsors, Above Ground Level AGL Media Group, and Signal Inside. Congratulations to all and we hope to see you next year as RCA travels to Silicon Valley for the first time

105th Anniversary Banquet Program