Nominations for Director and Officers Due by 1 September


The Nominations and Elections committee is looking for nominations for candidates for directors, Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President Counsel for the 2017 Election.

The election will be done electronically this year, with paper ballots to those who request them. Candidates should kindly have their nomination presented by September 1st. A position statement and bio will be solicited from all nominees. This will be due by September 8th and posted on the RCA website.

All members should note that the RCA Board of Directors voted in June to not count ballots that have less than 5 of the 7 votes cast for director. In other words, kindly appreciate that single-vote director ballots, for example, will not be counted in the final tabulation. Please get to know your candidates and help RCA support you!

Please send nominations to Chip Cohen, Chair, at by Friday, September 1st.